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SELINA Solutions for Class 10 Chemistry ICSE

You can get answers for all the questions in your textbook with Selina Solutions for ICSE Class 10 Chemistry. Chemistry is a fascinating discipline of Science which can amaze you with the properties of different compounds. Relearn the lessons on chemical compounds and more with the textbook solutions.

Selina Concise Chemistry ICSE Class 10 solutions give you precise answers to solve questions in Chemistry. Score full marks in the questions of your Science exam by writing step-by-step answers on concepts such as metallurgy, ionic compounds, uses of ammonium hydroxide, properties of sulphuric acid and more.

SELINA Textbook Solutions

Selina Solutions for ICSE Class 10 Chemistry Chapter-List

Chapter 1 - Periodic Table, Periodic Properties and Variations of Properties

Chapter 1 teaches students about the periodic table in detail. The position of each element, atomic properties and other important details pertaining to the elements of the table are discussed in this chapter.

Chapter 2 - Chemical Bonding

Chapter 2 explains chemical bonding, the attraction between atoms and molecules or ions which facilitate the formation of chemical compounds.

Chapter 3 - Acids, Bases and Salts

Chapter 3 explores the properties of acids and bases. The chapter also teaches how different acids and bases react under different circumstances. Additionally, the daily usage of various acids are taught.

Chapter 4 - Analytical Chemistry

In Chapter 4, students get acquainted with various salts and solutions. The chapter also analyses compounds.

Chapter 5 – Mole Concept and Stoichiometry

Chapter 5 discusses how chemicals react with each other and the process of stoichiometry. This chapter also discusses molar and atomic mass, empirical and molecular formulas, and limiting reagents.

Chapter 6 – Electrolysis

Chapter 6 teaches students about electrolysis and its practical applications. In this chapter, students learn how electrolysis works in different situations.

Chapter 7 – Metallurgy

Chapter 7 discusses metals in their pure form. Students learn the definition, position, comparison and uses of some important metals and non-metals.

Chapter 8 – Study of Compounds – Hydrogen Chloride

Chapter 8 deals with hydrogen and the preparation hydrogen chloride. Students also learn about the solubility of hydrogen chloride, acidic properties of hydrogen chloride solution and its reaction with ammonia.

Chapter 9 – Study of Compounds – Ammonia

Chapter 9 explains ammonia at length. It discusses the laboratory preparation of ammonia from ammonium chloride, nitrides and ammonium salts, Haber’s process, density and solubility of ammonia, aqueous solution of ammonia and its reactions with certain compounds, the burning of ammonia in oxygen and the uses of ammonia.

Chapter 10 – Study of Compounds – Nitric Acid

Chapter 10 emphasises on the importance of nitric acid. It tells us how nitric acid is an important and popular compound and is used in the manufacture of many industrial as well as commercial products.

Chapter 11 – Sulphuric Acid

Chapter 11 talks about sulphuric acid and its importance in the laboratory. This chapter elaborates on the properties of sulphuric acid, its manufacturing process as well as its behaviour as an acid when both diluted and concentrated.

Chapter 12 – Organic Chemistry

Chapter 12 teaches students the basics about organic chemistry. Students learn about the properties, syntheses and reactions of various functional groups including alcohols, hydrocarbons, carboxylic acids and their derivatives.

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Study better with concise solutions for organic chemistry, electrolysis and all the chapters in the ICSE Class 10 Chemistry syllabus. These solutions are created by experienced Chemistry teachers as per the ICSE guidelines. You can benefit from these chapter-wise solutions to write complete answers in the board exam.

These solutions guide you, help you to clear your concepts and assess your progress on a regular basis. The study material at TopperLearning is detailed and has questions in every format to support you in your revision. You can refer to our long and short answer questions, objective questions, ICSE Class 10 videos, in-video assessments and most important questions.

ICSE Class 10 Chemistry Frequently Asked Questions

Yes. In our textbook solutions, you will find accurate answers for balanced chemical equations, properties of elements and more for study and revision of Chemistry.

You can study from the detailed study materials available at TopperLearning for the ICSE Class 10 exam. Our study materials include most important questions, objective questions, sample papers, video lessons, revision notes etc.

Yes. They not only cover complex topics but also present them in the most simplified manner.

The Selina Chemistry Class 10 provides step-by-step answers to all the questions in the main textbook, helping students understand topics such as metallurgy, ionic compounds, and more to score full marks in their Science exam.

Selina Concise Chemistry Class 10 provides precise answers and step-by-step explanations to all the questions in the textbook, helping students understand concepts better and score well in their exams.

Selina Concise Chemistry Class 10 can be used as primary study material, as it provides comprehensive coverage of the syllabus and detailed solutions to all questions, helping students learn and revise concepts effectively.

At TopperLearning, students can find all the Selina Solutions for class 10 absolutely free of cost. You can access all the answers by visiting the website and choosing the subject, chapter, and exercise.

Yes, students can easily access the Selina Chemistry Class 10 for free by choosing the subject, selecting the chapter, and going to the respective exercise. The answers are given chronologically.

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