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SELINA Solutions for ICSE Class 9 and 10

Prepare for the toughest board exams in the country with Selina solutions for ICSE by TopperLearning. The Indian Certificate of Secondary Education (ICSE) conducted by the Council for the Indian School Certificate Examination is an exam with a vast syllabus for Physics, Chemistry, Biology and Maths. As ICSE students, you will need all the help you can get to understand and revise the topics listed in your syllabus.

You don’t have to worry about the questions from these textbook solutions being out of the syllabus. Selina solutions are prepared in line with the latest ICSE Class 9 syllabus and ICSE Class 10 syllabus. You can enjoy free access to these solutions that are written by expert ICSE educators. To assist you in your exam preparation, TopperLearning provides you with ICSE Selina solutions for Class 9 and Selina solutions for Class 10.

For additional learning support, take a look at TopperLearning’s ICSE resources such as ICSE Class 10 sample papers and ICSE Class 10 video lessons. You can also ask our experts to clear your doubts while doing homework or while preparing for your exams.

Selina Solutions for Class 10 — All Subjects

Selina solutions for Class 10 — All Subjects are designed to help you study well for the ICSE Class 10 exams conducted by the Council for the Indian School Certificate Examination (CISCE). Step-wise answers in Selina Concise Solutions will make it easy for you to understand concepts.

Plan your exam prep for each ICSE subject with our subject-wise Selina solutions. On our study portal, you’ll find comprehensive learning material from Selina Publications such as Selina Concise Physics Class 10, Concise Chemistry Class 10 notes, Selina ICSE Class 10 Maths solutions and Selina Concise Biology Class 10 solutions.

Also, chapter-wise solutions can come in handy for a quick look at important chapter-specific questions prior to your class tests or final exams. Other than ICSE Class 10 textbook solutions, you can use ICSE Class 10 sample papers and ICSE Class 10 previous years question papers for revision and writing practice.

Selina Solutions for Class 10 Maths

Use ICSE Class 10 Maths solutions by TopperLearning to understand the concepts in your ICSE Class 10 syllabus for Maths. Our study portal also features ICSE Class 10 textbook solutions such as Selina Biology Class 10, Selina Chemistry Class 10 and Selina Physics Class 10.

Through our Selina Class 10 Maths solutions, you can understand important concepts such as deposit accounts, quadratic equations, shares, GST, circles, arithmetic progression, matrices and more. There are 25 chapters in the ICSE Class 10 Maths syllabus. With our Selina Maths Class 10 chapter-wise solutions, you can gain quick access to specific chapter solutions for revision.

You cannot mug up Maths answers and expect to score marks in the exam. Write and practise the ICSE Class 10 Maths Selina textbook solutions to understand the methods used by our ICSE subject experts for solving different kinds of problems. When you get enough practice, you’ll be able to remember the ways to correctly answer Maths questions and score top marks in your board examinations.

Selina Solutions for Class 10 Biology

Understand the concepts that are present in the ICSE Class 10 Biology syllabus with our Selina Biology Class 10 solutions. In Biology, you may not have difficult calculations but you have processes that you need to be aware of. Also, Biology becomes a scoring subject if you can learn to correctly label diagrams and provide explanations.

Our Concise Selina Class 10 Biology solutions can be used to study key topics in Biology such as chromosomes, photosynthesis, human reproduction, pollution etc. Get step-wise answers to grasp the concepts in your ICSE Class 10 Biology syllabus and gain more confidence to write your board examinations.

You can also find ICSE Class 10 Important Questions, ICSE Class 10 Subjective Questions and ICSE Class 10 Multiple Choice Questions at TopperLearning for ICSE exam preparation. If you need e-learning materials for other subjects, we can help you with online learning resources for Physics, Chemistry, Maths, Hindi, English, Economics and Social Studies.

Selina Solutions for Class 10 Chemistry

Study ICSE Class 10 Chemistry effectively with TopperLearning’s Selina solutions for Class 10 Chemistry. Selina solutions for Chemistry consist of topics such as Chemical Bonding, Electrolysis, Analytical Chemistry, Mole Concept, Periodic Table etc. These solutions are solved by Chemistry experts according to the ICSE board guidelines.

The ICSE board examinations mark an important phase in a student’s life. The scores in your board examinations will also support you in securing admissions for higher studies at a desired college. With the step-by-step answers for each Chemistry chapter in Selina solutions, you can plan your studies for Chemistry mock tests or final exams with ease.

To support your board exam prep, TopperLearning provides resources such as ICSE Class 10 True or False, ICSE Class 10 video lessons, ICSE Class 10 revision notes and more. Also, use our assessment tools to improve your study and preparation and to strengthen your exam writing skills

Selina Solutions for Class 10 Physics

If you feel Physics is difficult, you can now understand the concepts in Physics thoroughly with our concise ICSE Class 10 Physics Selina solutions. Other than Selina Physics Class 10 solutions, we have ICSE Class 10 sample papers, ICSE Class 10 revision notes and ICSE Class 10 previous years’ papers for Physics practice.

Watch our ICSE Class 10 videos to grasp Physics concepts such as refraction of light, Newton’s First Law of Motion, Lens Formula etc. The demonstrations, animated explanations and more in the concept videos presented by experts will help you enjoy learning Physics. For practising the questions and answers in Physics, go through our Selina Concise ICSE Class 10 Physics solutions.

You are likely to come across several doubts while practising Physics numerical questions. If you feel stuck, just post your query at TopperLearning’s ‘Ask a Doubt’ section and our Physics experts will quickly resolve your query. Also, make sure to go through other doubts and solutions on our study portal to enhance your understanding of ICSE Physics topics.

Selina Solutions for Class 9 — All Subjects

TopperLearning’s free Selina solutions include Selina textbook solutions for ICSE Class 9 Maths, Selina Class 10 Chemistry solutions, Selina Concise Physics ICSE Class 10 solutions and Selina Biology ICSE Class 10 solutions. Other than Selina textbook solutions, TopperLearning also offers ICSE Class 10 sample papers and ICSE Class 10 video lessons.

Our experienced teachers have prepared detailed answers for all chapters from Selina textbooks for Physics, Chemistry, Biology and Maths. These teachers understand the ICSE board guidelines for exams including the marking scheme. By referring to our Selina textbook solutions, you get to know about the model answers for questions that are likely to appear in your final exams.

Get free access to valuable ICSE learning materials for improving your chance to top the board exams. Utilise our Selina solutions for ICSE to learn, revise and re-learn the chapters in your ICSE Class 10 syllabus. Score more marks in your board examinations by gaining conceptual clarity through our comprehensive textbook solutions and other self-study online learning materials.

Selina Solutions for Class 9 Maths

If you are looking for concise Selina solutions for ICSE Class 9 Maths, you can find all the chapter solutions as per the latest syllabus at TopperLearning. Our Selina solutions cover clear and concise answers for topics like factorisation, rational numbers, triangles, Pythagoras theorem etc.

Solving more Maths problems helps you better grasp the concepts. Practise Maths problems as per the chapters in the ICSE Class 9 syllabus with Selina solutions. Our practice tests which include ICSE Class 9 Multiple Choice Questions and ICSE Class 9 True or False can be used for self-assessment. Also, if you are confused about the core concepts in Class 9 Maths, watch our concept video lessons.

In our concept videos, our Maths experts simplify and explain concepts like compound interest, real numbers, laws of exponents, logarithms etc. When your concepts are clear and your practice is sufficient, you'll be able to think of correct answers in your Maths board examination and score top marks.

Selina Solutions for Class 9 Biology

Get answers for all questions in the ICSE Biology textbook by Selina Publications with our Selina solutions for Class 9 Biology. Find correctly-labelled diagrams and clear explanations of life processes covered in your Biology textbook with our chapter-wise Selina textbook solutions. These solutions are created by experienced Biology teachers according to the ICSE Class 9 Biology syllabus and the exam paper pattern as per the ICSE board guidelines.

For last-minute ICSE Biology exam prep or homework help, you can check out our free e-learning resources like ICSE Class 9 sample papers, ICSE Class 9 video lessons and others. We also have revision notes, ICSE Class 10 Important Questions MIQs and practice tests for you to test your knowledge. Self-assessment materials for ICSE Class 9 Biology can be used to boost your exam confidence as well.

If you find certain topics easy in Biology, don't ignore them during your revision. Use Selina solutions to complete revision of all chapters. Then, if you feel there are specific chapters with difficult topics, revise those chapters with our chapter-wise Selina solutions.

Selina Solutions for Class 9 Physics

For ICSE students, Selina Concise Physics Class 9 solutions is considered one of the best practice notes. At TopperLearning, our experts have created step-wise model answers to questions for all chapters that are covered in the Class 9 Physics textbook by Selina Publications. Study ICSE Class 9 Physics concepts such as magnetism, acceleration, waves etc. with our concise textbook solutions.

Get over your nervousness when it comes to solving Physics problems. Refer to Selina textbook solutions to understand how to derive equations or draw graphs as per the data given in Physics problems. Practise our expert answers as many times as possible to learn difficult formulae and make Physics your strength.

For any Class 9 Physics doubts, you can use our Ask a Doubt feature to get your doubts resolved by our Physics experts. For additional learning materials to study Physics, visit TopperLearning's ICSE Class 9 learning resources section for study materials such as ICSE Class 9 sample papers with solutions and ICSE Class 9 previous year's papers with solutions.

Selina Solutions for Class 9 Chemistry

Learn the theoretical concepts and their applications from your ICSE Class 9 Chemistry syllabus with our ICSE Class 10 textbook solutions, i.e. Selina solutions for Class 9 Chemistry. Practise Selina solutions to understand chemical equations and chemical reactions. Selina Concise Chemistry Class 10 solutions provide answers to the textbook questions for chapters such as Atomic Structure and Chemical Bonding, Water, The Periodic Table, Atmospheric Pollution etc.

With TopperLearning's step-wise answers in Selina textbook solutions, you can revise all the important topics in Chemistry quickly. Practise the Chemistry answers prepared by our experienced Chemistry teachers to understand how to derive chemical equations. For self-assessment, use our free resources such as ICSE Class 9 Multiple Choice Questions, ICSE Class 9 True or False and more.

You can get top marks in your ICSE board examinations if you have the right study material. TopperLearning's step-wise Selina solutions by experts are prepared as per the ICSE board guidelines. These solutions will be useful when you sit to solve textbook questions and will enable you to score good marks.

Frequently Asked Questions

To be clear, ICSE (Indian Certificate of Secondary Education) is an examination. CISCE (Council for the Indian School Certificate Examination) is a private board in India that conducts ICSE exams such as the Class 10 exams.
Some of the important topics in ICSE Class 10 Physics include Force, Machines, Electromagnetism, Calorimetry, Sound etc. For the Important Questions (MIQs) in ICSE Class 10 Physics, click here
You can get free access to Selina textbook solutions for ICSE Class 10 Physics by experts at TopperLearning. These solutions are accessible online 24/7.
For the latest ICSE Class 10 syllabus, you can visit TopperLearning's ICSE Class 10 resources page.
Textbooks by Selina Publications are among the best for revising ICSE Chemistry, Physics, Maths and Biology. At TopperLearning, you’ll get free access to Selina solutions for all subjects 24/7 online that can be beneficial for scoring more marks in your final exams.
TopperLearning provides free video lectures for students in a chapter-wise format for Physics, Maths, Chemistry and Biology.
You can practise Maths using resources such as previous years’ question papers and sample papers. Attempt solving different types of problems in these resources and compare answers with model solutions by experts. Practising Maths problems will improve your logical thinking and problem-solving abilities which will enable you to score more marks.
Selina textbook solutions for Class 9 Mathematics is considered one of the best study resources for Class 9 Maths.
Textbooks by Selina Publications are among the best reference books for ICSE Class 9. You can practise answering the questions from this textbook for exam preparation. To understand whether you have written the correct answers or if you are unsure of the answers for certain questions, you can refer to our Selina Solutions.
You can use Selina textbook solutions for homework help or for revision. You can practise writing the questions and answers from Selina solutions while revising the entire syllabus for Science subjects such as Maths, Chemistry, Physics and Biology. During your second or third revision, you can read the theoretical part and practise the important chapters.
If you are running out of time for revision, then try to practise writing the solutions of numerical questions that you continue to struggle with.
Sometimes questions from previous years’ question papers appear again in the exam. Similar Maths problems may appear again with different data. When you solve previous years’ papers, you get the confidence to solve such questions in the final exam. Solutions for previous years’ papers will give you an idea of the steps used by experts to answer questions correctly for acquiring full marks. For extra practice, you can refer to similar questions and answers in textbook solutions as well.
ICSE Selina Solutions are valuable for ICSE students. Once your lessons are explained by your teacher in school, you need notes and other learning materials for studying on your own. Selina Solutions by TopperLearning’s experts can be of great value when you revise the lessons taught in school. The textbooks by Selina Publications are recommended by experts for ICSE students who want to excel in Physics, Chemistry, Biology and Maths.
If you aim to pursue a career in Science, Engineering, Technology or Mathematics, you’ll need a strong foundational knowledge of the basic concepts in Physics, Chemistry, Maths and Biology. Class 9 and 10 PCMB include chapters which explain the basics of complex concepts or cover intermediate-level topics related to certain basic topics.

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